Deleting Round 2


I have done a mistake and I created a new revision round without the first round had finished.
Now, I must delete round 2
How can I do this ?



Hi @PiccolaImpresa,

If you really want to cancel the new review round, you’ll need to do it in the database. Off the top of my head, look at articles.current_round and the review_rounds table.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hello @asmecher,
where can i find this database and look articles.current_round and review_rounds table?
Thank you

Hola @Lukas_Hleba,
Tengo OJS y se creó una ronda por accidente. Lo eliminé con el siguiente query en la DB, identificando review_round_id, que se encuentra inspeccionando elemento (en el navegador) sobre la ronda a eliminar. Tiene que decir algo así: /$$$call$$$/tab/workflow/review-round-tab/external-review-round?submissionId=1857&stageId=3&reviewRoundId=727


select * from review_rounds where review_round_id = 727;
delete from review_rounds where review_round_id = 727;


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