Deleting a Published Paper in OJS

Is there any way to delete a paper published in the OJS? It may happen that, a paper is found to be deficient in standard or it was identified that the paper has ethical problem, and the editor wants to withdraw the published paper from an issue. I do not see the possibility in the system, as only unpublished paper can be archived and then deleted.

How to delete a published paper in OJS?

regards, Sanjaya

Hi @missan,

You should be able to remove any artilce the same way, regardless of whether it’s published or not. As Editor, go to its Submission page; then Archive the submission. Then go to the editor’s Archive queue, find the submission there, and delete it.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

My paper is not in Archive, it is in my Queue.
How to delete it?
Please reply.

Hi @rohchem07,

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PKP Team