Deleted Font size plugin, question on CSS editing for navbar width, and instillation of latest version

Dear @asmecher

Thanks for your help with my previous questions. I have three more questions, I accidently deleted the “font size” plugin from my plugin files, thinking that perhaps I needed to delete and reinstall in order to get it to show up, but it turns out this is not the case. Could you direct me to retrieving it?

I’d like to make a few changes to the ‘look’ of the journal, specifically widen the navigation bar width so that the pages do not fold under as more are added, but are all listed in one line. I tried editing the common.css but did not succedd. Do you think you could direct me to where I can widen this bar?

Finally, everyday I’m reminded that I do not have the most recent version of OJS, but I’m resisting upgrading since I’m concerned I’ll lose all the modifications I’ve made and have to redo everything. is this concern grounded? Could you direct me to a forum where I can get more specific instructions on downloading and rolling over onto the latest version? Or will we be fine with what we’re using …

Thank you so much for your help


Hi @msengulj,

If you’ve just deleted the files, then you’ll need to download the distribution package of OJS that corresponds to your version. Grab the files from the package and put them into the same location in your installation – see the contents of plugins/blocks/fontSize/.

Editing the built-in styles is probably not a good idea; it’ll mean having to figure out what you did when you need to merge those changes into a new version when upgrading. Better to write a custom CSS file that overrides the specific styles you want to change, and upload that to Journal Setup, step 5. (I’d suggest getting a good developer’s toolbar like Firebug for Firefox or similar; this can help a lot in tweaking styles.)

There’s documentation on upgrading, including how to preserve modifications, in docs/UPGRADE. I’d suggest looking into either using diff and patch, or getting familiar with git for managing modifications.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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