Define journal sections based on Categories instead of manusript (article) types

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In its current form, the OJS sections are based on manuscript types such as research articles, case reports, etc. Settings for these sections such as section policy, word count etc are also based on this logic, ad so far there is no problem.

Categories brought us a new approach to classify articles, and can be selected when filling metadata forms.

One of the editors request a different approach (actually reverse of the above): He wants to define journal sections as “Internal Medical Sciences” and “Surgical Sciences”. Then, he wants to assign section editors to these categories. The authors will select one of the medical branches during submission, and the group editors will be assigned based on these branches. But, the manuscript types (research articles, case reports, etc) needs to remain as is.

I need some advice, new ideas since simply renaming the categories does not seem to meet our needs.
Any ideas?
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I had a similar issue and share my experience, it will not be a solution to your problem…
One of my journals is a multidisciplinary one and I had to stick to section/article types to identify the format of the article. The discipline is entered in the metadata, but it cannot be a drop-down list, so authors enter what is write for them. I check each submission to make sure it is associated to the right discipline. To give “shape” to the individual sections I created search links in the right hand bar to filter by “discipline”: as you cannot search for disciplines I added the actual “discipline” word to the abstract. It is very clunky so any better suggestions for anyone is welcome!

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Context : OJS 3.1.2-4

Hi @drugurkocak

Maybe you coud create 3 sections:

Articles - Internal Medical Sciences
Articles - Surgical Sciences

Have the “Articles” section not shown to the submitters/authors by checking “Items can only be submitted by Editors and Section Editors.” in the configuration of that section.

You will be able to assign specific/different section editors to “Articles - Internal Medical Sciences” and “Articles - Surgical Sciences”.

So the author, upon submission, will be asked to choose between “Articles - Internal Medical Sciences” or “Articles - Surgical Sciences” and specific sections editors will then be assigned.

Later during the process (say at the review stage or copyedit stage), the editor can simply edit the metadata of the ongoing submission and change the section the article belongs to from say “Articles - Surgical Sciences” to “Articles”.

You would have to do the same for the Case reports (3 sections).

Was that you were looking for?


Hi @Marie-Helene
Thank you very much for your suggestion. In the period after my message, OJS 3.2 was released and editor assignment feature according to categories was added to OJS 3.2. I upgraded and started to use OJS 3.2.1-1. I defined new user groups with journal manager privileges for each category, and added the editor of each category to its related user group. By this way, I could get all my requirements.
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Hi @drugurkocak ,

Thank you for your reply. I look forward to migrate to OJS 3.2.x and I am happy to know the functionnality you are reporting now exists.



Hi @Marie-Helene
OJS 3.2 brings a lot of improvements but some plugins still need to be updated in order to be compatible with 3.2. So, if you are managing a corporate or multijournal installation, you would better to follow this forum and wait for a fix for that plugins.
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