DB error update

I just updated from version 2.4.5 to 3.0.2.
When I want to update the database via web, I receive the following error message: Table ‘issue_galleys_stats_migration’ already exists

Did you try running the upgrade more than once?

If the 3.x upgrade fails, you must restore the database and files back to the 2.x state before running the upgrade again.

Is there no way to fix this error before restoring the backup?
If I do the update again I can have the same error again, right?

When you restored the 2.4.5 database, did you first drop the database before reloading the backup file? If not, the 3.x specific tables might still be in the database, even after loading the backup. (This largely depends on how the backup was done; but, generally the ‘DROP DATABASE’ statement is not in the backup SQL.)