DB Error: Unknown column 'views' in 'field list'

am using Open Journal System for the journal “Advancements in Life Sciences”.
The journal is Thomson Reuters indexed.

But lately I have been experiencing error given under:

DB Error: Unknown column ‘views’ in ‘field list’

I tried to solve it out and after research I found that it happens due to change
in OJS version. But I haven’t upgraded my OJS version ( since the day it
was installed. Our journal articles are not opening up in google scholar results.

Please help to me to solve this issue.


Hi @Shafiq,

Have you installed any third-party plugins?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

No I haven’t installed any plugin in OJS.

While acting on this suggestion on your

Did you upgrade to OJS 2.4.3? If so, the upgrade should have removed the “timed views” plugin; if it didn’t, you’ll need to remove it yourself. If you have installed other plugins not distributed in OJS itself, those may be causing the problem if they aren’t compatible with OJS 2.4.3. If you turn on the show_stacktrace option in config.inc.php, the error message should provide more details.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I found this detailed error…PLEASE HELP

DB Error: Unknown column ‘views’ in ‘field list’

Stack Trace:

File: /home/alsjourn/public_html/submission/classes/article/ArticleGalleyDAO.inc.php line 467
Function: DAO->update(“UPDATE article_galleys SET views = views + 1 WHERE galley_id = ?”, 128)

File: /home/alsjourn/public_html/submission/plugins/generic/timedView/TimedViewPlugin.inc.php line 170
Function: ArticleGalleyDAO->incrementViews(“128”)

File: /home/alsjourn/public_html/submission/plugins/generic/timedView/TimedViewPlugin.inc.php line 130
Function: TimedViewPlugin->incrementGalleyViewCount(Object(PublishedArticle), Object(ArticleGalley), Object(Request))

File: (unknown) line (unknown)
Function: TimedViewPlugin->logRequest(“TemplateManager::display”, Array(5))

File: /home/alsjourn/public_html/submission/lib/pkp/classes/plugins/HookRegistry.inc.php line 89
Function: call_user_func(Array(2), “TemplateManager::display”, Array(5))

File: /home/alsjourn/public_html/submission/lib/pkp/classes/template/PKPTemplateManager.inc.php line 332
Function: HookRegistry->call(“TemplateManager::display”, Array(5))

File: /home/alsjourn/public_html/submission/pages/article/ArticleHandler.inc.php line 226
Function: PKPTemplateManager->display(“article/article.tpl”)

File: (unknown) line (unknown)
Function: ArticleHandler->view(Array(2), Object(Request))

File: /home/alsjourn/public_html/submission/lib/pkp/classes/core/PKPRouter.inc.php line 362
Function: call_user_func(Array(2), Array(2), Object(Request))

File: /home/alsjourn/public_html/submission/lib/pkp/classes/core/PKPPageRouter.inc.php line 220
Function: PKPRouter->_authorizeInitializeAndCallRequest(Array(2), Object(Request), Array(2), False)

File: /home/alsjourn/public_html/submission/lib/pkp/classes/core/Dispatcher.inc.php line 134
Function: PKPPageRouter->route(Object(Request))

File: /home/alsjourn/public_html/submission/lib/pkp/classes/core/PKPApplication.inc.php line 178
Function: Dispatcher->dispatch(Object(Request))

File: /home/alsjourn/public_html/submission/index.php line 64
Function: PKPApplication->execute()

If you are really at OJS 2.4.2-0, you either have patches or local changes applied to your source. In 2.4.2-0, this should be at line 433 of ArticleGalleryDAO.inc.php, not line 467.

Are you currently attempting an upgrade? Or do you know why your file is different than the distributed version?

My admin panel says that I’m using 2.4.2-0 and I don’t remember making any changes (not expert of computing).

But I have tackled the problem by renaming the plugin folder at /home/alsjourn/public_html/submission/plugins/generic/timedView/

so system can’t call it. Now the webpages are opening up fine. But I reckon this is not the right solution. Please give me a very simple step by step method to change my version of OJS.

Thanks a lot

Instructions for a 2.4.x upgrade are here:

Please resolve this issue.
DB Error: Unknown column ‘context_id’ in ‘on clause’

Hi @snsharma,

I don’t believe that’s related to this thread; please post it as a new topic. That’ll help keep the forum organized. Also, please include which application of ours you’re using, what version, and any relevant history. (E.g. are you trying to upgrade?)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team