DB Error: Duplicate entry 'XXXX-YYYY' for key 'u_e_pkey'

Hi everyone,

I am trying to import Users with the Export/Import Users XML plugin.
I am able to import some of them. However, with a specific XML, an error is given to me.

DB Error: Duplicate entry ‘XXXX-YYYY’ for key ‘u_e_pkey’.

I have searched in the DB and found out that the XXXX number is the last user that has been sucessfully imported. Moreover, the YYYY number is the ‘controlled_vocab_entry_id’ from the controlled_vocab_entries table. When I search the YYYY entrie, this is related to the 302 ‘controlled_vocab_id’ whose symbolic in its ‘controlled_vocabs’ entry is “interest”.

The user has 14 different interests. I know they can have more than one interest. However, with this error I do not know if they have too many interests. I do not think that is the problem beacuse they data has been exported from another installation with the same plugin.

Does anybody know what is happening?

Hello all,

Found a solution to this?
I’ve got the same error, importing reviewers from an previous OJS2 install into a clean OJS 2 (latest).