Days since last review (information about reviewer)

Recently upgraded to OJS version (May 30, 2019)

During the process of assigning a reviewer the “Days since last review” information is inaccurate.
In the summary line it always says “never assigned”, in the blue button dropdown it says “NaN”. This applies to all my reviewers some of whom have done many reviews, and some of them recently completed.

The only exception is with a newly registered reviewer where the summary is still “never assigned” (but that is accurate) and the dropdown says “0” (also correct).

This is a problem because I need to know how long ago someone did a review so as not to call on them too often.

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Following up on my last post about not getting accurate information about “Days since last review assigned”. I said then that a new reviewer who had not reviewed was correctly listed as 0. But he has now completed a review and the same error occurs.

So, if NaN means “not a number” does this mean there is something in our installation that is not working correctly? Can anyone direct me to where to look so I can ask our tech guys to fix this.
(using OJS


Did you ever get this problem solved? We are having the same issue, but it seems to only apply to one person’s computer. I’ve logged into their account from my computer and the data is there. When they log in, it says NaN and 0. Never has this happen before.

Hi @hickeygamez,

Would you mind creating a new post describing your issue (and indicating your version number), please? This is an older post, but if it is still relevant, please link back to it in your new post.

PKP Team