Days since last review errors

We recently assigned a new associate editor. Whenever she tries to add new reviewers, the days since last review is listed as NaN, and the average day for review is 0. I have tried to log on to her account from my computer, and everything shows up properly. However, when she logs on from her computer she gets the same errors. Seems like it must be a problem with her computer, but I don’t know what she needs to do to fix it.

  • Application Version - OJS

Hi @hickeygamez,

Have you tried updating to a later version of OJS to see if this remedies the issue? 3.1 is an older version now, and no longer supported by PKP. The current version is 3.3. I would recommend upgrading to see if that fixes the issue, however, other community members may have offer suggestions if they’ve encountered this issue in 3.1.

PKP Team

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