date_assigned is NULL for all editor assignments (OJS 2.4.3)

Looking through the edit_assignments table for our OJS 2.4.3 DB, I noticed that the date_assigned values were all NULL. OTOH, the date_notified field was always set. I believe this is a bug (I didn’t see any mention of this as an issue on either forum), in that date_assigned should be set upon assignment and date_notified should only be set if an email is sent.

In the EditorAction::assignEditor function, I see that line 60 reads:

I think this should be changed to …setDateAssigned(… However, there doesn’t appear to be such a function in the EditAssignment class.

As well, the setDateNotified() statement also should be executed if the email was sent successfully by modifying the logic at lines 47-50.

Hi @rkemp,

I think the intention was to have that column set NOT NULL, which causes timestamp fields to receive the current timestamp when the row is created – but that column doesn’t have a NOT NULL designation in the data model, so it actually gets left null.

How do you feel about putting together a PR?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team