Datacite Plugin: Not multi-journal ready, don't load credentials to frontend

  • Application Version - OJS 3.2.1-3
  • Description: Datacite Plugin loads set password from the database to the frontend. It is not human-readable, but this still results in the password being saveable in a password manager of e. g. Firefox
  • Steps: Install Datacite Plugin, set dummy credentials, open the plugin preferences again, save passwords via any browser’s password manager
  • Tried Workaround: Uncomment the code that shows the password-input, but this way we would be unable to change the settings in the future
  • Expected behaviour: Only show the input field and information on whether or not credentials are set in the database. There is absolutely no need to actually load the content from the database to the input fields. Or is there?


Hi @ojs_univie,

What version of the Datacite plugin are you using?

PKP Team

1.0 and on GitHub it looks like that is the only version the plugin ever had.

HI @ojs_univie, I think the plugin was built with the idea that each journal has it’s own credentials and so would be managed by the journal manager. However, that’s clearly not the case for lots of institutional hosts. An issue was filed for this at Prevent journal managers from viewing DataCite credentials · Issue #6869 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub and you can follow progress there.