DataCite Export/Registration Plugin don't save user and password

I’m using datacite plugin v.1.0 on an ojs pkp installation. I clearly have an account on datacite to enter and register doi, I wanted to report a problem.

The problem is that after having entered the test credentials of the datacite account, in order to carry out tests without inserting doi unnecessarily which cannot then be deleted, I cannot enter the regular credentials to be able to automatically register the doi. In practice, once I enter the username and password, having removed the test ones before, I click on save but it does not save what has been entered. the saved test credentials always remain.

and this is the error that i seen after save credentials

can someone help me?


this is a new post, i don’t found the oldest

Hi @simgiallorosso,

Could you check your browser’s developer tools (and the response code you are getting) and maybe also the PHP error log file on the server when you try to save that form?


after upgrading to ojs now it finally saved user and password error free!

Great, happy for it :+1: