DataCite Export Plugin - Not able to register


we have a problem registering DOIs with the DataCite Plugin:

  • OJS 3.1.2-4
  • error code: 422
  • responst: URL is not allowed by repository domain settings.
  • registering already worked for quite some time, no changes to the installation meanwhile
  • uploading the xml-File in DataCite Fabrica works
  • the problem occurs for all current issues and articles
  • the domain recorded in DataCite Fabrica is correct
  • we tried it several times on different days
  • we tried it with and without XML validation (checkbox in plugin settings)

Is there anyone who had the same error response yet?


Solved. The problem was that the domain name in the DataCite account did not contain www, but the urls we tried to register contained www.

So far this seemed to be tolerated, but now it makes a difference.