Datacite. acceptedDate

I need to extract the submission acceptedDate and I found this at @file plugins/importexport/datacite/filter/ (line 372)

  		// Accepted date: the last editor accept decision date
  		$editDecisionDao = DAORegistry::getDAO('EditDecisionDAO'); /* @var $editDecisionDao EditDecisionDAO */
  		$editDecisions = $editDecisionDao->getEditorDecisions($article->getId());
  		foreach (array_reverse($editDecisions) as $editDecision) {
  			if ($editDecision['decision'] == SUBMISSION_EDITOR_DECISION_ACCEPT) {
  				$dates[DATACITE_DATE_ACCEPTED] = $editDecision['dateDecided'];

With the function ‘array_reverse’, isn’t the code taking the first date instead of the last?
Normally, nothing will happen as there is usually only one acceptance date, and even if there is more than one it is usually on the same day.

Carlos Martínez