Customizing the sidebar column in OJS 3.0.2

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@mrwolf writes:

I m brand new to ojs and i m designing ojs 3.0.2 for a customer.
I would be able to customize the right sidebar freely without the custom blocks plugin.
Or mybe the possibility to change the upper position in the sidebar Column.

To customize the sidebar’s content you may want to write a plugin which calls the hook “Templates::Common::Sidebar” to manipulate the output in the footer template.

Changing the position of the sidebar, however, sounds like a CSS override. Can you describe in more detail what you want to do, perhaps with some screenshots?

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Thankz ctgraham,
im really sorry i’ve found out the way to create and order personalized blocks in the backoffice of OJS 3.0.2.
It’s a dummy stuff.

I tought there was the need to modifying the templates. I was wrong.
Thankz for the support