Customize the home page of OJS3.3.0 instead of the last issue

Is there any facility to make the home page in OJS3.3.0-6 a custom page instead of the last issue?

Hello @dagosalas,

This can be done by customizing the theme template, specifically the indexJournal.tpl template. It will require some PHP expertise.
You may also want to look at our theming documentation.

Emma’s suggestion is perfect, but if this is difficult to accomplish, there is an easier way to do this, that is asking apache/nginx to take the index.html before the index.php.

Apache isusually configured this way, so you only need to create an static index.html in your webroot and refresh your journal’s home to see what happens.

Bad part of this approach is that you won’t be able to reach OJS variables… but sometimes you only want to create a nice cover or an index of journals that you will maintain manually.


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Thanks Emma, Marc.
Actually what I was looking for is a feature like wordpress that allows you to define on the homepage a custom page or the blog with the latest posts.

Then you will need to “talk” with OJS so my index.html suggestion won’t help you.

Go with the theming documentation Emma pointed or implement your own plugin as is explained here:

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