Custom REST API Endpoint Non-logged In User


I created a REST API endpoint since the APIs that come with OJS3 do not fit my needs. I have created the endpoint, but I noticed that I need to be logged in or use an API token in order to access this endpoint. The information I get from the REST API is to display on the site even for users that are not logged in so I would like to be able to access the REST API without having to login or use an API Token.

Hopefully there is a way to disable authentication/authorization to custom API endpoints. I do not want to go the API Token route because I do not want worry about changing the API Token in the code whenever I deploy the code to production or whenever the API Token changes for whatever reason.

Also, I was wondering if it is documented somewhere on how to implement my custom API without having to put it under the api/v1 folder. I tried adding it as a “Custom Plugin”, but I got an error. If I remember correctly, the error said that the API did not have getSeq() function defined.

I would appreciate any help.