Custom navigation menu

Hello is it possible to create a custom navigation menu using static pages?
I can create static page and add it to the nav menu, but cannot create new pages nested within this.

Hi @lsteele

In the latest OJS (v.3.1.1-4), it is possible through: Settings -> Website -> Navigation Menus. Then Navigation Menu Items -> add item, in the Navigation menu type, choose Custom Page.

I don’t remember actually from what back release version it had started to be supported.

Hello Vitaliy and thank you for replying to me.
I could create a new page using this path, but what I cannot do is create a page (as you suggest) and then in that page create sub-pages. As an example I would like to add a “policies” page (done) and then below this author policies, ethical policies, etc. Do you know if this is possible at all?
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Such pages can be customized with TinyMCE. So, for example, you can create several pages from a navigation menu and assign them as a submenu items. The URL is statical for them, thus, hyperlinks can be placed between them in any order.


If you don’t want them to be accessible from a menu, you can use static pages plugin, for example.

But if the aim is a strong ULR related hierarchy, for example ../parent-page, ../parent-page/child-page, this possible only by creating a child theme and writing controllers and templates for new pages with PHP.

Thanks Vitaliy, this clarifies it well. I will use a simpler structure, at least for the time being.
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Hello Vitaliy, I am very happy I have created by perfect menu! thank you for your help… :grin:

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