Custom fields in Registration Form

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The documentation shows how to create a plugin to add custom fields in forms, but I can’t find the registration form id to add custom fields in it.

What application are you using?
For example, OJS

I am not from PKP team, but let me try to help you.

I guess it is the classes/components/form/context/PKPUserAccessForm.php with FORM_USER_ACCESS constant.

In lib/pkp/classes/components/form and classes/components/form we have all the available Component Forms to use like the tutorial you mentioned. However, it may exists some forms that do not follow this pattern, for example, submission in OJS 3.3.

During development, may be easy to add a Hook like Hook::add('Form::config::before', and debug/print the $form->id after loading the page to see which form do you want.

Vc é brasileira?

Sorry, I made a mistake before. The form you are looking is probably:
class PKP\user\form\RegistrationForm extends Form

However, it does not inherits from FormComponent. So, the tutorial you mentioned is useless in this case.

To add custom fields to it you will need to Hook::add on ::display' to modify the templates and on ::execute' to save the values. On OJS 3.4, like:

Hook::add('registrationform::execute', array($this, 'handleRegistrationFormExecute'));
Hook::add('registrationform::display', array($this, 'handleRegistrationFormDisplay'));
function handleRegistrationFormExecute($hookName, $params) {
	$form = $params[0];
        // ... Look at RegistrationForm to see what you may access    
	return false;

function handleRegistrationFormDisplay($hookName, $args) {
		$request = Application::get()->getRequest();
		$templateMgr = TemplateManager::getManager($request);
		$form =& $args[0];

		$templateMgr->assign('newField', defaultOrOldValue);
	        // Modify the template in formFilter
		$templateMgr->registerFilter("output", array($this, 'formFilter'));

		return false;

Hope it helps! You may look for other plugins that have hooks on ::display and ::execute to see better how it works. Also, have a look at #9045 for more details in those differences between Form and FormComponent.

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Yes, RegistrationForm doesn’t inherits FormComponent, that’s why I couldn’t find the id.

Thank you very much for your explanation!! It brought me some light!

Sim, sou brasileira! :grin:

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