CSS Code to Put the navigation bar in header

Dear PKP Forum community.
Can someone tell me how to change the position of the navigation bar into the header part like in this picture?


Hello @Tarmizi,

I’m pretty sure you’re using an OJS 2.x version.

I personally would change the header.tpl file, moving navbar or any other elements needed to the desired place. It makes more sense to have a “semantic” and well-structured HTML than “hacking” elements’ positions with CSS, which also may not work well with all browsers, as well as force to create a more complex CSS to override every little detail.

If it’s OJS 2.x you’re using, ojs2/lib/pkp/templates/common/header.tpl is the file you’re looking for. Move {include file=“common/breadcrumbs.tpl”} wherever you need.

Obviously, you’ll have to take note of that custom code and recreate it whenever you upgrade your system, if necessary.

I tried a simple test through Chrome’s dev-tools (pressing F12 will display the dev tools) and it doesn’t seem to be a simple task through CSS, and, in my humble opinion, not worth the trouble.