CSS changes for background colour

Thank you very much. So I just need to create a new page with the Guidelines.
A stupid question: I am creating a custom css stylesheet but I am wondering how I can “call” a background-color with the primary color (set in the Website appearance).
Another thing: when I call the class .additional_content in the css file it doesn’t apply the changes (like background-color for instance)

Hi @Lara_M,

I’ve pulled your question into a separate thread, since we prefer to keep threads on the forum to one topic, as much as possible - its less confusing when users go to search for solutions to the issues that they face.

Your selected colour should give a hex value that you can use in your CSS: Branding Your Journal - Designing Your OJS Journal

For the .additional_content piece - sometimes if your using a custom CSS it helps to clear caches under the Site Admin settings - could you give that a try and see if that makes a difference?

PKP Team

I cleared the cache for templates and data, from the Site Admin settings, but it doesn’t work. Well, it’s not a big problem.
For the hex value: yes but I wanted to use a variable, like “primary-color”. I think in this case I should use a less file. I am studying the “child themes”, maybe that’s the right way of doing those kind of changes.


Oh, yes. You can use primary-color, but so far as I know those are part of .LESS files and not .css files, so I think you’re on the right track there. If you’re doing some advanced customizations beyond what can done in CSS file, making a child theme could be the way to go (presumably, your looking at our docs: CSS/LESS)?

PKP Team