CrossRef XML Export Plugin

haloo, I want to know, why this warning show on CrossrefXML Import/export?

"Plugin requirements not met
The plugin is not fully set up.



Hello Hari,

It sounds like you need to configure the CrossRef XML Export Plugin settings. In order to deposit DOIs to CrossRef through OJS, you need to enter your CrossRef username/password on the settings page. You will also need to configure the DOI plugin settings (link at the top of the CrossRef XML Export Plugin settings page) to reflect how you wish to assign DOIs (articles, issues or galleys), which DOI Prefix to use (assigned by CrossRef) and which DOI Suffix to use. The DOI plugin settings are easy to miss - it is probably the reason you are getting the error message.

Hope this helps!

Hi, I’ve got a problem trying to export with CrossRef XML Plugin. I don’t obtain a list of articles. “Loading” stays infinitely long. What should i do? xml

Check your php error log for any fatal errors.

Hello. I am having problem .after publishing the paper , the DOI isn’t working. It says that DOI not found.

I guess you have to publish the article 1st

O plugin do DOI na versão OJS não está funcionando. Não consigo exportar, e quando baixo o xml o mesmo da erro na validação.