CrossRef XML Export Plugin:modified for Turnitin

Dear PKP Team

Referring you to latest Turnitin request to add additional as-Crawled URLs in DOI XML File:

Is their a possibility that PKP can write an updated CrossRef plugin for OJS and OJS 2.4.7 that easily can accommodate this request - or would you advise me on whom to contact to assist in this. Possible it would only be an additional line of coding to be added to the source file to make this work.

Thanks in advance,

This (the addition of the iParadigms as-crawled URL) should already exist in OJS 2.4.7:

If I understand correct then what will now happen with this addition follows that:

  • The Crossref plugin submit the similarity check data

  • You only need an account with Crossref and pay the Similarity fees as well to use the service

  • Then the Crossref plugin will handle the data submission automatically.

  • When logged into Crossref you will be able to see the results of the similarity check

No more extra uploading of documents to Turnitin, OJS then handles it?

More info on this:

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I don’t have direct familiarity with the Crosscheck service, but your description matches my understanding.

An important additional consideration here is that OJS only submits DOIs to CrossRef after the article is published, so this wouldn’t serve to replace any pre-publication vetting.

Dear @ctgraham

Thanks for referring me to OJS 2.4.7 - however, is their at all anyone knowledgeable to who you can direct me to, that will be able to assist to downgrade the plugin to work for OJS

Looking forward to your response.

@tretief, I don’t personally have anyone to suggest.

I would warn you that OJS 2.3.3-3 is extremely old software; substantial fixes and enhancements have gone into the product in the last 7 years. I strongly recommend looking into an upgrade to the latest 2.4 release.