CrossRef XML Export Plugin does not export references of submission

Hi everybody,

I am trying to export the metadata of an article using CrossRef XML Export Plugin, but the plugin is not taking into account the references that author filled out in submission phase. Is it possible to export the metadata with the articles references?


Hi @Juan_Pablo_Giron_Rui,

Sorry to disappoint you, but as far as I know the references are not exported with the plugin.

Regards, Primož

Hi @Juan_Pablo_Giron_Rui

PKP has recently developed a Crossref Reference Linking plugin - GitHub - pkp/crossrefReferenceLinking

I have just started trying it out and if you copy and paste the reference list data into the article metadata, it will include that data in your crossref XML as an unstructured citation. I don’t know if it will structure the citation data like if you deposit using the simple text query form - it hasn’t done that for me so far, but I have just been testing it offline and haven’t used it to upload XML yet.

Hi @shaun,

excuse me, I haven’t seen this post. Thkanoyu so much, I will try testing this plugin.


Hello @Juan_Pablo_Giron_Rui, @shaun
Have you found out wether the Crossref Reference Linking Plugin works in the way @shaun describes, that it exports the reference list as individual structured (or unstructured) citations? And am I correct in assuming that these deposited citations can then be used in for instance the Crossref “Cited By” service, or in future developments in open citations etc. I’ve read the documentation but have a hard time grasping everything unfortunately :smile:

Hi @mannemark

Yes, I’ve since used it to upload metadata to Crossref. I am using OJS and v1.0.0.0 of the Crossref Reference Linking Plugin.

Crossref will find the DOI and include this in your metadata - so it will be used by Crossref’s Cited By service. You can check that it’s being included in your Crossref XML uploads by downloading the XML for the particular article you’re interested in before you upload it. You should see something like this near the end of the XML for each article that will be uploaded:

          <citation key="xx">
            <unstructured_citation>Author ABC. (2020). Article title. Journal, vol, pp. doi:10.xxxx/123456.</unstructured_citation>

Then once it’s uploaded you’ll get the following back from Crossref:

         <citation key="0" status="resolved_reference">10.1234/12345</citation>
         <citation key="1" status="resolved_reference">10.4321/54321</citation>
         <citation key="2" status="stored_query"></citation>

The “resolved_reference” status means Crossref found a DOI for that citation. The “stored_query” is for a reference where there was no DOI.

This will then be available in your metadata with the reference key, the unstructured citation and, for references where a doi was found, the doi and doi-asserted-by (which will be “crossref”). So that’s open citations taken care of :smiley:

That sounds fantastic @shaun ! Thanks for getting back to me with such a clear explanation of how it all works. This will be very helpful when discussing upgrading to the latest version with my colleagues.