CrossRef XML Export Plugin and galleys

OJS version 3.3.0-15
Hello! Our journal assigns DOIs to articles so that they can later be automatically registered with CrossRef via the CrossRef XML Export Plugin. After this, the DOI link redirects to the article page, where the list of authors, abstract, galley, etc. is located.
But journal officials and reviewers require that these DOI links be redirected to the article galley itself, so that when the link is clicked, the PDF file itself opens.
I know it is possible to assign DOIs to galleys, but they are not automatically registered in the CrossRef XML Export Plugin.
The link to the article usually ends like this: /article/view/724
Is it possible to somehow change the code in the CrossRef XML Export Plugin files so that the link registers the path with the end of the galley, for example: /article/view/724/651
Please, I will appreciate any suggestion

Hi @alexmurphy,

I spoke with one of our developers about this, and, in general, while you can assign DOIs to galleys (this capability is in OJS 3.4), this is not really feasible when the Crossref plugin is active, as Crossref doesn’t accept galley DOIs.

PKP Team

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