Crossref plug-in registers incorrect URL

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We have a multi-journal instance have run into a weird problem regarding the Crossref plug-in and custom domains. A few journals we host use a custom domain such as One of the journals we have, which does not have a custom domain and uses our domain (, had automatic DOI registration set for their articles. When the DOI was registered , it generated a URL like, which doesn’t actually exist. It essentially got the first half of the URL incorrect. It should be Any clues as to how to fix this issue? I believe it is a general OJS issue and not limited to the plug-in because I’ve seen it happen in other contexts as well (automatically generated emails).

Application Version - e.g., OJS 3.1.2:

Hi @Janet_Swatscheno

I would recommend using base_url overrides for all of your journals if you have some that are customized, not just the customized ones. Usually OJS gets the base url correct but there may be situations in plugins where it does not.


Thanks Jason. Do you have documentation on how to use base_url overrides?


Hi Janet,

Did you not use one for your journal with a custom URL? In your config file, up near the top where your define your base_url, you can do things like:

base_url[otherpath] =

so OJS will use this when building links to that journal. Just include those for all of your journals, with your regular domain. This is fairly well documented in the file.