CrossRef Metadata Export - Migration of journal to Different OJS Installation/New URLs

We have joined CrossRef and need to assign and register DOIs to 10 years worth of articles…however, I am putting off doing that because we may be migrating this journal from one instance of OJS 3.x to a different instance which will change the URLs for all articles. So my question is this – If I assign DOIs and register them before migration, (1) will the DOIs carry over to the new installation and (2) will the metadata export tool update the metadata with CrossRef to reflect the new URLs?

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  1. If you use the native import/export plugin when you move the issues, then yes, DOIs will be part of the exported file. However, note that you need to have DOI plugin enabled in the new journal when you import the articles. And if you use a new DOI pattern in the new installation, be careful not to assign new DOIs for the old articles you imported.

It is of course a good idea to test the import/export with a local server if possible.

  1. After you move the articles to a new installation, you can register the DOIs again using the Crossref plugin. This will update the new url to Crossref.

@bozana can correct if I’m wrong.

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All correct @ajnyga :slight_smile: