Crossref Mandatory Surname not aligned to Contributor field

When validating the Crossref XML for download from the plugin, we get this error:

Element '{}surname': [facet 'minLength'] The value has a length of '0'; this underruns the allowed minimum length of '1'.

      <person_name contributor_role="author" sequence="first" language="en">
        <given_name>Evan Rushton </given_name>
      <person_name contributor_role="author" sequence="additional" language="en">
        <given_name>Seth Corrigan</given_name>

Turns out that our team was entering the author in article > publication > contributor dialog and putting all names in the ‘Given Name*’ field and leaving the ‘Surname’ field empty.

Shirley the Surname field should be mandatory? Or the Crossref XML validation should be weaker?

Perhaps this is a bug fix for a future version?

~Steve Roe
Henley Cloud Consulting

Hi @SteveRoe,

What version of the plugin and what specific version of OJS are you using? Having this information will help us to further troubleshoot this issue.

PKP Team

Current version: ( 9 October 2020 - 01:26 PM)
I do not know where to find the Crossref XML Plugin version (it came pre-installed with our OJS)

Hi @SteveRoe,

I think this was a bug in the Crossref plugin in that version. This should not be the case in the new version.
The Crossref plugin requires the element surname. Now, when only a given name is entered, it will be exported in the Crossref element surname.

See also this issue: Crossref validation error when the author only has a given name · Issue #6784 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub. There is also a patch (s. the pull request for your OJS version) there.