CrossRef export Plugin no articles found


I upgrade the OJS to to then export the XML to CrossRef.
Unfortunately, the plugin does not show any articles to export.

Is it necessary to upgrade the CrossRef plugin? How can I do it?

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William Su

The upgrade to 2.4.7-1 includes updated CrossRef export plugin.

The CrossRef export plugin requires several things for articles to be exported:

  1. The DOI plugin must be configured to assign Article DOIs. See User Home → Journal Manager → System Plugins → Public Identifier Plugins → DOI → Settings.
  2. The articles must have a published date. See User Home → Editor → (Find / Select Article) → Editing ->Scheduling

Are your articles configured for DOIs and do they all have Published dates?

I configured the DOI as the instructions sent by CrossRef, with the number and default numbers.
At the end of the articles are now with a DOI link. I’m upload a print to show.

At the list of articles it’s shown the published date.

The CrossRef plugin still doesn’t work. There are no list of articles to export.

The date on that screen capture is the “submission” date. Can you confirm that each article also has a “published” date?

You can find this by clicking on the article’s title, then on the “Editing” screen, look under the “Scheduling” header for the “Published” date. It will be immediately under the “Schedule for Publication In” issue selection.

Under the header “schedule” it is shown as “schedule for v.1, n.1 (2014)” that was our first volume published.
And then it indicates January 25th, 2014 as published.

That looks correct. Were you able to use the Crossref plugin for exports prior to the 2.4.7-1 upgrade?

No, I was having the same problem.
The prior version of the OJS that we were using was, so it was recommended to upgrade the system to then try again the CrossRef plugin.

When you upgraded, did you use the “Full Package” upgrade? If not, do you know of any local modifications that have been done to your code?

Do you have any familiarity with PHP? If so, you can check this function to see why the articles are being excluded:

I’m also going to tag @bozana, because she may see something that I’ve missed.

Hi @williamSu and @ctgraham

Maybe to get some more information… William Su, what exactly do you see when you go to journal management > import/export data > Crossref export/registration plugin?


And maybe one more question: what are the numbers entered for “items per page” and “page links” in the setup “5.8 Lists”?


Hi @bozana and @ctgraham!

Thank you very much for your help!
I checked the numbers entered for “itens per page” and “page links” in the setup “5.8 Lists” and they were set as zero. I changed for 99 and then tried again the CrossRef plugin and the list was shown.

Thank you very much again!

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