Crosschecking reviewers with author list based on email addresses

All authors for a specific manuscript, who are also registered reviewers for the journal in question, should be clearly marked as such in the reviewer list when the editor opens this list to choose suitable reviewers. This is to ensure that an Editor does not accidentally assign someone to a manuscript who is also author of this manuscript. This could happen quickly if the person is listed somewhere in the middle of a long author list and the editor does not look carefully enough. It would reflect badly on the reputation of the journal.
Of course, this will only work if author and reviewer roles are registered under the same email address (names would probably not be enough for precise identification). Only marking but not per se disabling the reviewer would be good.


Hi @heike_riegler,

To do that would involve editing the SectionEditorSubmissionDao::getReviewersForArticle function and adding a join to the authors table to exclude any cases where emails match. Note that this might be a lot of work for the database unless you also create an index on the email column of the authors table.

Note that OJS 3.0 and forward will be much better able to support interactions between author and other user entries; we’ve done some infrastructural work to better support author disambiguation.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team