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I was told the following:

I have checked your DOIs and can see that you have not yet included any full-text URLs in your DOI deposit XML. You need these links present in your Crossref deposit metadata in order to be eligible to participate in Similarity Check.

Turnitin (the company that provides the iThenticate service) needs the full-text PDF URL (or HTML if PDF is not available) for each DOI in order to index your content as part of your Similarity Check membership agreement. Even if the full-text URLs are the same as your DOI’s resolution URL, you still need to enter them in separately in a separate field that is accessible to Turnitin. Once you have full-text URLs present in the metadata of at least 90% of your journal content DOIs, you will be able to start using the Similarity Check service.

In the future, make sure you add the full-text URL within the collection property <iparadigms> tag into your content registrations. If you use the web deposit form, there’s a specific field to add this.

To add the full-text url into your existing deposits so you meet the criteria for joining, you can simply upload a single .csv file into our web deposit system.

To update existing DOIs in bulk, please use the following steps:

  1. Go to the Web Deposit Form:

  2. Then, select the “Supplemental-Metadata Upload” option.

  3. Enter your Crossref username and password in the appropriate fields.

  4. Enter your email address in the appropriate field.

  5. Then, upload a .csv file containing a list of DOIs and their associated full-text URLs (even if these are the same as the existing DOI URL), formatted according to the instructions here:
    Depositing full text URLs for Similarity Check – Support Center

  6. Click “Upload CSV file” and your URLs will be submitted to Crossref.

Where do I Export such an info in a CSV file ???

Support for links to the full text galleys was added in 2.4.7 and later. If you primarily registered articles prior to version 2.4.7 and have not used the CrossRef plugin to update the metadata for those articles, you will not have this element in your historic Crossref deposits.

You can use the Crossref plugin to resubmit the metadata to Crossref. See the documentation here:

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