Cross Ref doi prefix?

When we enter the DOI prefix number that CrossRef gave us into the OJS system , there is a warning that DOI prefix format should be 10.xxxx. but our DOI prefix is in 10.xxxxx format. The OJS does not allow us to write one more number to DOI prefix number section.

Errors occurred processing this form:
“The DOI pattern must be in the form 10.xxxx.”

version: Open Journal Systems

This was fixed in version 2.4.2.

Hi. I have the same problem. We want to do the DOI activation process through the OJS plugin. The thing is that we cannot customize the plugin because this does not accept the DOI prefix of our journal. How can we solve it? Our OJS version is the last one (3.2.1-1).

Problema módulo DOI del OJS

Here “bimc.invemar” is part of the DOI Suffix. The DOI prefix is just “10.25268”.

You will want to use a custom pattern, and include “bimc.invemar” as the start of the pattern.

Ok. I understand. But, as sezerkanbul said, when I try to put just our DOI prefix (10.25268), the system does not allow because the OJS format includes just 4 numbers, not 5. :frowning:

That was the case in former versions of OJS, but it shouldn’t be the case after 2.4.2 (about 8 years ago).

Even though the message has four "x"s, the validation rule allows 3 to 7 numbers after the “10.”. It must only contain numbers, like “10.12345”, not “10.12345/” or “10.12345.”. This is a bit confusing from the message.

Thenk you, ctgraham. You are right.