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I’d like to know how to Display Creative Commons logo to my OJS (
Creative Commons gave me a text to copy and paste to the website so that the logo will be displayed. However, I do not know where I should paste the code.

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Hi @Reza,

I suggest including a license text and logo in every galley of your articles.

If you want to additionally include a license text in the OJS user interface, you could (in OJS 2.4.8) use

a) Setup, 5.4 Journal Page Footer - you can include any HTML code here that should be displayed on every page, or
b) (better option) Setup, 3.2 Permissions - this has a section on creative commons licenses and an option to “display the license” together with the published work, which should display name and logo of the license.


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Is it possible to have support for https (ssl) in the license Creative Commons when I use OJS

I’ve made the changes by editing lib / pkp / locale / en_US / common.xml and placing all links “https” however when I open the page of an article (eg ARSENIC SORPTION USING MIXTURES OF ION EXCHANGE RESINS CONTAINING N-METHYL-DGLUCAMINE AND QUATERNARY AMMONIUM GROUPS | Journal of the Chilean Chemical Society ) shows these links as unsafe:

"rel=“license” href=“”> "Creative "

"rel=“license” href=“”> Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License "

Editing metadata of an article, I can change http to https but the image (Creative Commons) and the text (This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.) is lost. Only the link appears to the license (

Is it possible to solve this problem so that the links are safe?

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I solved the problem.

  1. Download a copy of my site to my PC and used a program to search the phrase “This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.” …
  2. The file containing unsafe links was located in the Cache folder …
  3. I looked for links http and changed to https and problem solved!!

I have a question…

I used “Clear Data Caches” and “Clear Template Cache” (page administrator) but that was not enough and had to do the procedure described above.

Is there any way to remove all the cache and prevent an error as the one described?

I can delete the entire cache folder?

Thank you very much!

The contents of your cache will be continually refreshed from your locale files. See this pull request on fixing the protocol for Creative Commons for more details (but note that the scope is a bit too broad).


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Hi. I’ve commented on github, regarding the img-tag https-update:

Would be great, if that change woruld be implemented :wink:

How to make Creative Commons License logo and links in the footer OJS 3.0

How to get Creative Commons License licence? Does it cost to the publisher. Please send details.

Creative Commons is a licensing strategy which is chosen by your journal and/or authors. It is a way of granting reuse permissions over top of copyright. There is no monetary cost.

Thank you.
Does the publisher need to pay a joining fee or any other fee to Creative Commons?


Creative Commons is not a party to its public licenses. Notwithstanding, Creative Commons may elect to apply one of its public licenses to material it publishes and in those instances will be considered the “Licensor.” The text of the Creative Commons public licenses is dedicated to the public domain under the CC0 Public Domain Dedication. Except for the limited purpose of indicating that material is shared under a Creative Commons public license or as otherwise permitted by the Creative Commons policies published at, Creative Commons does not authorize the use of the trademark “Creative Commons” or any other trademark or logo of Creative Commons without its prior written consent including, without limitation, in connection with any unauthorized modifications to any of its public licenses or any other arrangements, understandings, or agreements concerning use of licensed material. For the avoidance of doubt, this paragraph does not form part of the public licenses.

Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International — CC BY 4.0, etc.

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How you got logo from Creative Commons?
How to get the licence from them?

You’ll find this answer and many others in their FAQ: