Creation of dynamic collections of papers in a journal

Dear pkp-OJS,
I am in the early process of creating a peer-review scientific journal with doi-type of reference without periodic publication form, but more a rolling release approach like PLOSone.
However, I would like a journal management software to offer editors the possibility to create permanent collections (can also be suggested by authors to editors). The software give editors the possibility to dynamically attribute any peer-review papers from the journal into a collection within the journal. Collections would function like a book where each paper can be compared to a chapter of the collection. The attribution should therefore be flexible enough to reorder the peer-reviewed papers within a given collection, to change the paper from one collection to another one, or attribute the paper to multiple collections.

Is it something that the software PKP-OJS can do? If not which free software do you recommend?
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Hi @jbpichancourt,

OJS will do some but not all of this. The current release of OJS is intended for issue-based publication but it’s easy to use it for a continuous-publication process by treating a single issue as the “Current” and gradually scheduling new articles into it; when you want to turn that around into a collection, you can rename the issue and designate a new (empty) one as the “Current” issue. You’ll get all the necessary tools for academic publishing like DOIs, Google Scholar, OAI-PMH, etc. etc.

The collections aspect is not as clearly met in OJS, but you might consider using keywords or faceted searching with the Lucene plugin as a basis for that. If you’re interested in potentially modifying the system, you can of course browse our source code:

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team