Creating New Pages

In OJS3 is it possible to create sub- pages of the index page, when you have multiple journals? Is it possible to define the template that they will use? At the moment are there any guides that explain how to do this?

Or is the only way they can be modified using

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Have you already considered the Static Pages Plugin?

Thanks @ctgraham. At the moment does the static page plug-in allow creation of pages for the index page, containing all of the journals? Because you were only able to see options to create/use plug-ins from each individual journal. Just to clarify is it only a administrator only plug-in, which allows pages to be even created for the index page? :slight_smile:

Also, thanks a lot for this info.

Oops. You are right. The issue to make Static Pages available at the site level is still open, and is ultimately waiting on me. blush

Adding Static Pages at the site level would be a Site Administrator level permission. Adding Static Pages at a journal level would be a Journal Manger level permission. Does that fit your use-case?

@ctgraham. Yup! This is exactly what I’m looking for! :slight_smile:

So at the moment I have complete administrative control of the website. Is there anyway I can change any setting (even at the code level) that can create pages for the index/administrative level website.

Or would you recommend waiting for version 3.1 that would have such a feature. Also, would the site wide plug-ins in 3.1 allow for the creation of a plug-in that would allow searching all journals for articles rather than having journal specific searching? Or is there already a plug-in that allows searching all of the journals?

Also, thank you so much for taking the time to answer this. This information is really useful to our group. We absolutely love the work you guys are doing! :slight_smile:

  • Q: Do you have experience with coding and version control?
    • No: Wait for changes in the core product
    • Yes: Is this a change that would benefit everyone?
      • No: Make and maintain a local code change
      • Yes: Make a code change and submit it as a pull request to the community

The change I am proposing for plugins wouldn’t directly affect the site search, unless you wanted to forward-port the “navigation” block plugin from 2.4.x.

Site search was implemented here:

But when I actually try to hit /ojs/index.php/index/search/, I get ##user.authorization.journalDoesNotPublish##, which seems odd on multiple levels. If you can replicate this (or are experiencing something different but also problematic), I would follow up on this “Global Search” forum post with your experience, or open an issue in Github if you can provide a technical bug report.

Do you mean that you are getting ##user.authorization.journalDoesNotPublish## after applying Consider in article_summary.tpl and search.tpl, change searchHandler… by ajnyga · Pull Request #1345 · pkp/ojs · GitHub and Fix article title link in article_summary.tpl by ajnyga · Pull Request #1371 · pkp/ojs · GitHub ?

btw. nice flow process chart :slight_smile:

I was on OJS master, but I only updated the lib/pkp submodule via git’s submodule command. Manually fast-forwarding lib/pkp resolved the issue. I can’t replicate how far behind I thought it was, so it must have been an error on my part.

My knowledge with Smarty and PHP are quite limited. At the moment I am just trying to figure out my way around what the OJS syntax looks like and how everything works together. So I may not be able to contribute at the moment, though I will try to replicate this error and see if I can create a global search.

Also, thanks for the info on 3.1. Maybe in the future when I get a better understanding, I could contribute and create a few pull requests to improve or expand the code. This is the. I am working with GIT, so I’m trying to understand how everything works together.

I will definitely open an issue with anything arises or works in a manner not expected. Once again thank you so much for sharing all of this material. :slight_smile:

@ctgraham. Your recommendation worked and now sitewide search is enabled. Just as thought for future releases of OJS, the index page (when there are more than one journal) needs to have a search bar. I think it would merely require changing the default template to include a search bar. Hopefully, this would be useful to others. :slight_smile:

this staticpage doesn’t working on my journal site

Can you open a new topic and point there the software that you are using (presumably OJS), it’s version, more detailed explanation of the problem, and, ideally, what errors do you see in the PHP logs while encountering this problem.