Creating nested categories

Is it possible to create nested categories within journal or within whole multi-journal portal? Gor example: 1. Energy, 1.1. Renewable energy sources 1.1.1 Biomass
In that way articles can be searchable by category/subcategory according to categories that may be displayed on some page.

Hi @vvucic,

Actually you can’t nest journal sections. What you are describing it’s implemented in OMP. There you can create categories and series inside the categories. But OMP was created for presses, instead of journals.


Is it possible to create custom field which will actually do that such a custom field can be called 1.1.Biomass and it can be searchable.
Is that doable?


Hi @vvucic,

It’s possible to implement in OJS something like what I described we have implemented in OMP, but that’s not trivial code.

Rigth now I am not aware of any other requirement for this in OJS, but I can be wrong. Maybe others can help on this here.