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Does anyoned know if is it possible to create a CSS file only for some pages? If I upload an CSS file is there any chance to bug my website?

Hi @filipe,

What version of OJS are you using? I think you’d have to modify the template if you wanted to modify the CSS of one particular field. Our theming guide provides a bit of guidance on this: PKP Theming Guide: A guide to theming and customizations in OJS 3 and OMP 1.2

And, this guide may help as well: Designing Your Journal - OJS|OMP|OPS

I don’t think a custom CSS would create bugs for your website, but if not done correctly, it’s possible that things wouldn’t display like you would want them to.

PKP Team

Thanks for listening @rcgillis I tried to do this but encountered some issues.

Our publisher has some magazines and ebooks, we use OJS throughout the editorial process and we wanted to improve the user and reviewer’s experience with the site, in order to make it more dynamic and interactive, as well as using plugin tools from google analytics and Plumx, which already exist in the system.

We wanted to use the Health Sciences theme, I believe it is the most suitable for our needs, however, when we try to choose the theme in the site’s settings tab, only the system presents us with the default theme.

In addition, we wanted to know how we could also apply Plumx and analytics to journal sites using the system’s own access

Could you help us?

I am currently using version

Hi @filipe,

First off, I’d recommend that you upgrade your OJS instance, as 3.1 is out-of-date and no longer supported by PKP.

The PlumX and Google Analytics plugins should be available through the plugin gallery. However, I’m not all that familiar with the Plum X plugin - I believe it may require some additional configuration. You may have to enable the Health Sciences theme in the plugin gallery as well - but I would recommend that you upgrade to a more recent version, and that will allow you to take advantage of an updated Health Sciences Theme as well.

Best regards,

PKP Team

Thanks @rcgillis

How do I update to the newest version?

Who could inform me about the possibility of additional configuration about PlumX and Google Analytics?

Hi @filipe,

You can see our upgrade guide here: How to Upgrade

Please note, you may have to get the assistance of your systems administrator or host to help with the upgrade.

I’d encourage you to follow the instructions that accompany the plugin in the plugin gallery. You may also be able to find information online for the PlumX one, that is here: GitHub - ulsdevteam/ojs-plum-plugin: Plum Analytics plugin for PKP Open Journal Systems

We also have a video for the Google Analytics one: Setting up a Journal in OJS 3: Module 13 - Plugins: Google Analytics - YouTube

If you are having trouble installing/enabling these plugins, please feel free to post to the forum with details required for troubleshooting (version number of OJS, steps you’ve taken to troubleshoot the issue, etc.) I’d encourage you to limit your posts to one topic - e.g. have separate posts about your experience with each plugin, as this will help keep things focused.

Best regards,

PKP Team

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