Create two new back issues without running the review process

I’ve installed a new OJS 3.0.2. for a journal which runs on a WordPress and already has some articles and issues on it.

I would like to start by creating two issues to start in the new OJS. These will not go through the review process. All I want is just creating the issues and uploading the pdfs and their metadata.
Is there a way to do so?

Thanks in advance for your reply.


OJS has GitHub - pkp/quickSubmit

Should be under Tools => Import/Export

Just remember to create the issues first from issues management

Hi @ajnyga
Thanks for your superfast answer!!!
I’ll try what you say


Hi @ajnyga,
I see all other plugin files inside their respective folder.
I’ve downloaded the master branch, and decompressed it locally.
I get a folder named “quickSubmit-master”.
How should I name it on server?
Or should I install it from the “Upload a new plugin” option within “Settings” section?
Thanks in advance.

The folder should only be named “quickSubmit”. I suggest that you download it from the releases tab: Releases · pkp/quickSubmit · GitHub

It could be that you can install it also from the plugin gallery inside OJS?

Hi @ajnyga,
Thanks for your reply.
I uploaded the plugin (not via installation), naming the folder as you say.
OJS detected the nuew plugin and everything went fine.

Thanks for all your help.


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