'Create or Connect with ORCiD' button is missing on public profile page


I noticed in version 3.1 ‘Create or Connect with ORCiD’ button is missing on public profile page. However I found out there is already a fix for that thanks to @isgrim which is not merged to the master yet. Please see:

I will be good that gets merged. I have applied it to my installation and it worked.


@asmecher would you please have a look? Thanks so much.

Hi @salehig,

The contributor has a large change set for the ORCID Profile plugin that’s currently under review by one of ORCID’s folks: Member API and author ORCID authorisation pkp-lib/#2818 by isgrim · Pull Request #39 · pkp/orcidProfile · GitHub

Depending on when the review completes, we’re hoping to merge it soon for the next release of OJS. Meanwhile, if you’ve cherry-picked in some changes and they’re working for you, that sounds like a good resolution.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team