Create a new journal

Hi to all,
I’m having trouble creating a new journal.
When I do not give any path in the cell “path” I get the message - “This field is required.” It is clear. However, I would like the magazine to be at the address that already appears there. When I provide an address, e.g., I receive the message - “The requested URL was not recognized.”. Anyone have any idea how to solve this problem so that I can create a magazine?

Because OJS is capable of hosting multiple journals, there always must be a specific “path” to the journal, even if only one journal is being hosted. In older versions, you can configure OJS to automatically redirect to that journal, if someone access the OJS site root. In newer versions, OJS does this automatically.

For example, you might install OJS at:
And then add a journal of mybrand:

If your branding is already present in the DNS, or earlier in the URL, you might just name your journal something generic, like “journal”, for:

Thank you for your answer. However, I have seen Journal that have an address like Is there any way to have such an address? I really care not to have a long address with the path to the directory where ojs is located