Cover info field missing in

Dear friends, we installed OMP version Linux, PHP 7.3.27, Apache, pgsql 12.2. everything is fine, except for the missing field related to the cover (!) What happened? How can we make it appear? I’m in Publication / Catalog Entry / – no cover field to upload the cover.
2021-05-19 23_29_22-Pesqueira Leal _ Perspectivas en la psicología del deporte _ Universidad Juárez

Hi @Manuel_Rojas,

When testing in I was able to see the cover image option towards the very bottom (after URL path):

Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at 5.08.20 PM


Hi @Manuel_Rojas,

That’s really odd. It’s not what I’m seeing in the instance that I’m testing in (a slightly different version) - but still, it should appear. I will try to consult with some others to determine why this might be happening.

PKP Team