Cover image uploads but won't display on website OJS

Description of issue or problem I’m having:
I can upload the cover image but it won’t display on the OJS journal website

Steps I took leading up to the issue:

What I tried to resolve the issue: : different Boostrap themes (no luck with that)

Application Version - e.g., OJS 3.1.2: OJS

Additional information, such as screenshots and error log messages if applicable:

Hi @alej,

What happens when you click “Save”? It just proceeds as normal?

PKP team

Yes, it saves the image. But the next page does not display the image.

I have tried with several images and formats (.png, .jpg), and the cover image does not display on the website. I see two lines and white box (see pic attached)
Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 3.23.23 PM

Hi @alej,

Apologies for the delayed response - did you manage to resolve this - or is it still an issue for you? If not, I wonder about if you would view source of your HTML and see if there is an image path to your image showing up?

PKP Team