Cover image attribution for articles and issues needs to be implemented



When uploading a cover image for either an issue or an article, it is possible to add alternative text after the image has been uploaded.

A common use case is wanting to use someone else’s work as cover image for either the issue or article, for instance using a creative commons licensed image.

Therefore, a requirement to use such images as cover images is to properly attribute the creator of the work.

At the moment this is not possible to do this without abusing the alternative text field.

I propose to add field(s) for attribution of these cover images. The attribution should thereafter be possible to display below the image in the issue page (issue cover), and abstract page (article cover) and possibly also in the table of contents.

Best regards,
Eirik Hanssen
OsloMet University Library


Hi @Eirik_Hanssen,

Thank you for the good suggestion. I have filed it as a feature request in Github:

Please feel free to add further comments and monitor its progress.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team


Thank you for filing this as a feature request in Github. I have been contacted by yet another of our journals who are missing this feature.

Best regards,
Eirik Hanssen
OsloMet University Library