Counting submissions OJS 3.0

According to my OJS 3.0 and IDs of submissions the latest submission is 756. When I check published issues I do have 738 articles. There are 2 articles unpublished. Let say that I deleted 5-8 submissions. There are 8 articles missing. Dioes OJS assign sub,ission IDs according to their number or there is some other rule?


Hi @vvucic

I am not sure what do you mean with “according to their number”, but: the submission IDs are automatically and incremental created by the DB, thus yes, if the last submission is 756 there should have been 756 submissions. There could be, that a submission was started but not finished i.e. is incomplete (as is thus still in the DB or it was deleted as incomplete) or an error occurred during an import (and the submission is not removed yet or it was removed) or someone deleted it or a submission is declined or … So, a few things could happen, so that the count is not quite the same as the number… Maybe you could make a SQL query, to find out if there are still some submissions in the DB that are not in the published_submissions stable and see what are they, if any found…


I am just asking so I can track how many submissions are since we need that also for statistical and reporting and also planning disk usage. Thanks