Counter Report OJS 3

Hello everybody,

I am creating this thread ot know more about the Counter Report available in OJS 3.1. Right now, as part of a process of classifcation with a editorial, we need know the usage access that journal had during 2019. I both generated and downloaded the Counter 4.1 Report selecting the desired year 2019.

As my system was upgraded 1 year ago (from OJS 2.3 to 3.1.1-4), exactly in April - 2019, I only found the counter statistics from may to december 2019. As I need to obtain all usage during 2019, I generated the report using Older Report Plugin.

My doubt is about the Counter plugin how it “count” the access to resource (PDF file)? is it this report confident? is it possible to obtain that usage statistic using a query directly on db?

Thank you in advanced,
Juan Pablo