Could not save changed metadata

Dear all,
I could not save the metadata after revising the title or abstract. I upgraded the Ojs from to the latest version. Here is the notification

The reference is already there. I tried to change the reference then saved and extracted. The error is still there.
I don’t see any error words in error logs. I found this and think the might relate to the error

[24-Nov-2018 05:05:07 UTC] PHP Strict Standards:  Declaration of PKPSubmissionMetadataViewForm::fetch() should be compatible with Form::fetch($request, $template = NULL, $display = false) in /home/k2542002/public_html/lib/pkp/controllers/modals/submissionMetadata/form/ on line 176
[24-Nov-2018 05:05:07 UTC] PHP Strict Standards:  Declaration of PKPSubmissionMetadataViewForm::initData() should be compatible with Form::initData() in /home/k2542002/public_html/lib/pkp/controllers/modals/submissionMetadata/form/ on line 176
[24-Nov-2018 05:05:07 UTC] PHP Strict Standards:  Declaration of PKPSubmissionMetadataViewForm::execute() should be compatible with Form::execute() in /home/k2542002/public_html/lib/pkp/controllers/modals/submissionMetadata/form/ on line 176

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Anything in php error_log?


No PHP error, I have only PHP Deprecated and PHP strict standars

I ran into this same issue, but for only one journal in a multi-journal installation. It is one of our oldest journals that has gone through many updates. We ran into issue with this same journal when upgrading to 3.x do to multiple values in the journals table with and without locals. Not sure if something like that could be responsible this time or not.

The only work around I found so far was to turn off Workflow: Submission: References: Required while leaving on Enabled and Submission Form.

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You are right, I have tried it and worked. However, I have not noticed the required references in author submission.

Hi @kawahyu

Actually this should be fixed in the latest OJS 3.1.1-4 release, I think. This was the fix back then: pkp/pkp-lib#3028 fix citations form validation check by bozana · Pull Request #3138 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub. Do you have that change in your code? Also, are/were you logged in as author or editor?