"could not find issue ID"

Attempting to publish an issue and receiving an “Sync Issue from OJS” → “Could not find issue ID” error. So nothing is being published from the issue that has 3 manuscripts in it.

I have unpublished it and found the “Preview” view also gives me the same error. I can find each manuscript loaded.

Application Version -OJS 3.3:


Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @jpelleg1,

Do you have site admin permissions and can clear the caches under the admin settings? Not entirely sure if this would fix the issue - but worth a try.

PKP Team

Hi @jpelleg1,

The “Sync Issue from OJS” feature is not part of OJS – I suspect it’s part of a custom infrastructure Kent State is running to integrate OJS content with its website. Likewise the “Could not find issue ID” message is not part of OJS. I’d suggest asking around to see how you’ve got OJS hooked in.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you. I’ll reach out tot he KSU team. Jeffrey

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