Copyeditor can't access all submissions in the copyediting stage

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Please forgive me if this is a FAQ. I have just added the copyeditor role to one of the team and he can copyedit only two papers out of four that are in copyedit now. For the other two papers he gets the message “You don’t currently have access to that stage of the workflow.”

Is the only solution now to create a new account for the copyeditor with the copyedit role?

In addition to being assigned the Copyeditor role, the user should also be assigned to each submission you’d like using the Add Participant area in the copyediting stage. Once added, they should have access to the copyediting stage of that submission.

thank you Nate, I did not realise I was adding a message on github - I need to look at the URL more often!

I found the issue was the copyeditor is an author of one paper and a reviewer of the other. We gave up and created a new account for the copyeditor. It would be good to resolve this soon :slight_smile:

thx for your response.

Ok, great. Managing users with multiple assignments to the same submission should be a bit better with some changes we’re making in 3.1, but you still need to be careful with dual reviewer/assistant roles because this can expose author details if assigned before blind peer review is complete.