Convert2XML for OJS 3x

Do we already have something like Convert2XML for OJS 3x?

Hi @monicalp,

I think there is no converter from OJS2 native XML to OJS3 native XML.

Regards, Primož

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If I am reading the plugin description correctly, the Convert2XML plugin takes an article file and parses it into JATS-based XML.

The current work from PKP is the development of the Open Typesetting Stack.

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I click on the email link and it is giving page not found. Can you tell if you have a problem with the Open Typesetting Stack page (

Please follow this link to activate your account:

Tagging @axfelix for the current status on this work.

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Hi – I’m afraid I can’t duplicate the error; I tried signing up with a new account just now on our demo site and it worked fine. Would you like me to remove the email account you tried to sign up with and you can try again?

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Hi, please! I want yes!