Convert Docx to Jats with Pandoc

Hi, Im stuck with a project trying to convert a Docx article into Jats XML.

And looking I found this Pandoc . But i dont know how to use it for convert a docx into jats xml.

Anyone have expirience with this in OJS 3.2??.


Hi @Carlos_Alberto_Rivad,

Have you tried DOCX Converter Plugin?

Yes I yesterday I downloaded and installed but it doesnt show any configuration or how to set up. Do you have any idea which plugin make me create XML as the image attached?

I dont know which plugin create that XML bottom in the circle what i have to do ? Does anybody know?

DOCX Converter plugin doesn’t need any configuration. During copyediting or production stage just press a button Convert to JATS XML under the docx file.

thank u @Vitaliy I found the buttom under docx file but there is another problem when I click convert to JATS XML nothing happen It didnt show the coversion where is the XML file generated? or there is another plugin I have to install to work? as you can in the image attached:

Can you look at the PHP log for the associated error and post it here? Also, the info about how (with which application) this DOCX was produced might be helpful.

yes of course I can help you with that info:

this is the docx file that I uploaded to the draft files:


this is the word version that i am using:


this is the error_log file, there is no more info about the error:


This message doesn’t contain much information. Is it possible that PHP errors are transferred to a separate file or turned off? The first can be checked by looking at apache configurations files (if the server is apache, something like php_value error_log path/to/the/php.log) and the second - option display_errors in php.ini file.

@Vitaliy Finally I solved creating the JATS XML file as I show in the attached file, but I got a doubt what I have to do to show that xml file in the frontend page? for example create galley and then you upload the pdf file and when you go to the journal website you click on PDF and visualize the article how to do with JATS XML file generated?



Hi @Carlos_Alberto_Rivad,

Glad that you solved it.
One of the possible workflows is generating JATS XML with DOCX Converter Plugin, editing with Texture Plugin and publishing with JATS Parser Plugin. Although it’s still an experimental workflow, our university’s journal uses it in production.
Also, for displaying JATS XML, you can try Lens Galley Plugin and Lens BITS Plugin.